Four post car parking lift

Maximum lifting capacity of 3,600 kg. Overall height of 2200mm. Comercial grade design. Platform made of anti-slip diamond plates. Lateral protection plates for extra safety. Lock -down button makes platform sit on locking tabs, increasing safety and hydraulic system lifetime.

Product Description & Product Features

  • Easy and fast installation, simple operation
  • Safe and realiable, ultra low noise
  • Less space occupation, 3.2 m -4.0m meters ceiling height is enough for parking 2 cars
  • Both suitable for home use and public use



Numar model Model No. FPP401 FPP402 FPP403
Capacitate ridicare Lifting capacity 2700 KGS 3200 KGS 3600 KGS
Inaltime parcare Car parking height 1780mm 2000mm 1800mm
Inaltime totala Overall height 2100mm 2300mm 2200mm
Latime totala Overall width 2670mm 2670mm 2670mm
Presiune ulei Rate Oil pressure 18Mpa 18Mpa 18Mpa
Spatiu tranzit Drive through 1950mm 1950mm 2050mm
Cantitatea masinii parcate Car parking quantity 2*n 2*n 2*n
Timp ridicare/coborare Rise/Drop time 60s/50s 60s/50s 60s/50s
Capacite motor/putere Motor capacity/power 220V/380v/2.2kw 220V/380v/2.2kw 220V/380v/3kw
Mod de operare Operation mode automatic/manual