Lifting – sliding car parking system

Maximum lift capacity of 2.000kg allows for most types of vehicles. The system is full customizable to accomodate vehicle lenght, width, height and weight. Allows elevated vehicles to be parked over driving aisle. System can be installed on a sloped slab, increasing usability of existing space. Absence af steel support legs or columns devrese opportunity for damage to vehicle doors.

Product Description & Product Features

  • Photoelectric detection device for car over height and accidentally entrace of the poeple and cars.
  • Fixed style anti-falling framedevice
  • Sound and light warning device
  • Electromagnetic style anti-falling divice
  • Safety warning plate



Tip de produs Product type PSH-2D
Dimensiunea vehiculului Vehicle size 5000*1850*1550mm
Capacitatea de incarcare Loading capacity 2000kg
Model Drive model motor+roller chain; 3-6 levels: motor drive+ steel wire rope
Putere ridicare motor/viteza Lifting motor power/speed 2/3 levels: 2.2kw/5.6m/min; 4/5/6 levels: 3.7km/ 2.6m/min
Putere inclinare motor/viteza Sliding motor power/spped 0.2km 8m/min
Siguranta Safeguard fall protection device
Mod de operare Operation mode turn keys/IC card automatic/PLC